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Zoho CRM & Egnyte helps IDDA ASIA Expand in China

posted 9 Mar 2012, 19:13 by André Meyer   [ updated 25 May 2012, 23:53 ]
IDDI Asia is a typical sourcing and trading company located in Hong Kong. To ensure customer services could continue to be kept at a high level a decision was made to open an office in China. This would allow the company to better manage relationships with factories who supply their key products. 

IDDI ASIA had adopted Cloud computing for the past two years. Implementing Google Apps for Business and Zoho CRM. The ability to open shop in China became very easy when all that was required was to add 2-3 more users to the Zoho CRM system and their staff could start working immediately. IDDI ASIA directors' were able to control the information China based staff had access to, provided them with email capability while managing and overseeing all content. Providing a Chinese interface in Zoho CRM for the staff accelerated the adoption of the system. In addition they tried to use Dropbox to share files but this failed as Dropbox is blocked in China. A Cloud based file server from Egnyte was installed to allow for each sharing of files as a support system to the CRM.

Zoho CRM provided the Chinese staff with chat facilities, thus communications with the Hong Kong office could be in real time and provided a way to keep the China team close to Hong Kong.

The success of this initial expansion will provide a blueprint to expansion into India over the coming 12 months, all of which would not have been possible without Cloud Computing!