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Wyse Cloud Computers Adopted by Hong Kong Law Firm

Hong Kong Law Firm adopts Wyse Cloud Computers on their desktop to connect to their data centre hosted virtual desktops. 
Wyse Thin Client T50
Gall Solicitors with offices in Central Hong Kong adopt Wyse Cloud Computers as their workstation access device. Almost 30 Wyse T50 devices were installed. The T50 features a fast and simple user interface, a Chromium web browser and the strong security of Wyse enhanced  Ubuntu™ Linux , as well as browser-based connectivity to SAAS-based apps, and local execution via a VPN. The T50 connects to the user's virtual desktop hosted in the Rackspace Cloud. The Windows 7's desktop is hosted on a Microsoft Windows 2008 server which simultaneously operates the firm's workstations. 

The Wyse T50 thin client includes a client to connect to Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware VDI. Users enjoy vibrant multimedia and Flash that plays in VDI, the power of their Marvell ARMADA™ PXA 510 v7 1.0 GHz Systemon-Chip (SoC) processors.

No additional broadband bandwidth was required. 6Mb was able to support almost 30 concurrent users.

The Wyse T50 is an entry level device but performs to an acceptable level for busy lawyers.