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Racingtheplanet Reaches for the Cloud

posted 14 Sept 2012, 06:14 by André Meyer   [ updated 9 Jun 2013, 20:18 ]
Cloud Solutions Provide Email Archiving and Cloud File Server for Leading On-line Retailer and Event Organiser

Racingtheplanet approached Cloud Solutions to implement Google's Message Security Services or Postini Archiving and eDiscovery Services. This was installed and configured by Cloud Solutions engineers. 

The second requirement was for a secure local storage device that could be backed up to the Cloud. The NETGear ReadyNAS Pro 4 was supplied along with Egnyte Local Office server installed on the ReadyNAS device. Users in the office simply map a drive to the local device to file their documents and the ReadyNAS synchronises all files with the Cloud. The users based in the UK can login via a mapped drive to the Cloud to access and share files the same as if they were in the same physical office.

The integration between the ReadyNAS Pro 4 and Egnyte works very well with users of the NAS being mapped to the Cloud to ensure the security set in Egnyte is reflected on the NAS drive. 

The performance is also excellent and the XRAID2 technology allows additional disks to be installed in the 4-bay NAS whenever additional storage is required in the near future.