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NETGear Hong Kong Reseller for Local Cloud

posted 29 Jul 2012, 05:53 by André Meyer   [ updated 29 Jul 2012, 05:55 ]
Hong Kong: Cloud Solutions has added NETGear's ReadyNAS device to their portfolio to provide local cloud synchronisation with the Egnyte Hybrid Cloud File Sever. For companies that need fast local storage and Cloud access require NetGear's NAS drive. The ReadyNAS Pro series comes with firmware on the device to allow folders to be synchronised with the Cloud. If a company had a NETGear device at several locations, files could be backed up onto the Egnyte Cloud and kept in sync between office.

NETGear offer a range of NAS devices that provide excellent performance and value for money.  An Egnyte Cloud File Server account needs to be opened to provide for the integration. 

Contact Cloud Solutions for more information. +852 3973 3848.

Supported devices:
  • ReadyNAS® Pro 2
  • ReadyNAS® Pro 4
  • ReadyNAS® Pro 6
  • ReadyNAS® 3200
  • ReadyNAS® 4200
  • ReadyNAS® 1500
  • ReadyNAS® 2100
  • ReadyNAS® 3100