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Mobile VoIP Services Now Available in Asia

posted 31 Jan 2014, 02:32 by André Meyer   [ updated 31 Jan 2014, 02:33 ]
CloudPBX Releases Cloud Provisioning Service for Mobile Devices

1st Feb 2014 -- Hong Kong - Singapore -  Cloud Solutions releases an update to their popular hosted IP-PBX services, Cloud PBX. Mobile VoIP services is now available as an optional upgrade package to the Cloud PBX IP-PBX base service.

Cloud Solutions has implemented a carrier-grade platform specifically designed for deployment of SIP enabled softphones and mobile phone devices. CounterPath’s awarding winning Bria series of software is provisioned in the Cloud by a Cloud Solutions engineer. This will automatically apply the proper configuration to an end user’s softphone device, perform configuration updates over time and upgrade client softphone software. This removes all the technical issues relating to the deployment of mobile VoIP.

“There has been high demand for a mobile VoIP solution” said André Meyer, Director of Cloud Solutions. “Many of our customers are small to mid-sized businesses and they needed a solution to allow their team to be out of the office and continue to answer customer calls. In Asia it is very common for senior people to be traveling and a reliable mobile VoIP platform was key to the expansion of our business. Counterpath offered us the platform and software for all mobile devices.”

The Cloud PBX Extended Plan now offers a mobile VoIP solution for iPhones, iPad, Android, Tablet, BlackBerry, Windows and Mac platforms. All devices are supported by the Cloud PBX mobile VoIP provisioning service.

One of our first customers for the Cloud PBX mobile VoIP platform was UBU Travel. UBU Travel is a startup business offering Chinese translation services to the hospitality industry and Chinese freedom travellers. They have a team of agents based in China with services being offered to hotels and tourist related businesses who are dealing with an increasing number of Mainland Chinese tourists.

Our Cloud PBX service was deployed to host an Australia 1300 number enabling Australia hotels to call a local number. Using the Cloud PBX mobile VoIP platform, SIP client configurations were pushed out to 10 agents in various locations in Southern China without the need to visit or deliver any hardware to them.  The quality of the calls on the mobile VoIP platform has been excellent. The total solution was rolled out in less than 2 days and has been a success for VoIP technology.

The demand for VoIP hosted services continues to be strong from Singapore and Hong Kong. Businesses are starting to discover the benefits and freedom VoIP offers. Cloud Solutions will continue to provide carrier-grade platforms and services to meet the requirements and budgets of small to mid-sized businesses, along with financial services business running trading floors.

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