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Infonation Enbrace Cloud Computing

posted 14 Sept 2012, 05:52 by André Meyer   [ updated 14 Sept 2012, 05:57 ]
Hong Kong - Cloud Solutions implement key cloud technology for leading marketing company in Hong Kong. 
Infonation operate a leading Hong Kong marketing business that offers event management and includes their key media products such as the Loft Magazine and Millionaire Asia. 

The director's approached Cloud Solutions to provide solutions for their CRM and file storage. Infonation were already a Google Apps user however Cloud Solutions migrated their email to a new domain and consolidated their various domains under a single Google console. The majority of staff are MAC users with only two Windows PCs in their office. The Cloud is well suited to this mixed environment with all application integrating well with both Windows and MAC. 

In addition Zoho CRM was implemented and integrated to Google Apps and finally the Egnyte Hybrid File Server was installed. Thus providing better management of their corporate files as well as providing access to all company data via iphones and ipads outside the office.

Infonation now have a very stable and secure system, thanks to cloud computing!