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Cloud Solutions Extends Asia Service by offering CloudPBX servers in Tokyo, Jakarta and Sydney

posted 14 May 2016, 20:45 by André Meyer
Cloud Solutions is extending their hosted VoIP CloudPBX server locations and SIP trunk sourcing services to include Tokyo Japan, Jakarta Indonesia and Sydney Australia in addition to their current locations of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Cloud Solutions has been offering a fully outsourced and managed Cloud hosted VoIP PBX service to Asia based businesses since 2012. CloudPBX is an Enterprise featured telephone PBX service delivered across the public Internet at a small monthly subscription.

Servers in each country have been interconnected via a secure backbone thus allowing local users to be connected to a server locally thus improving performance while still being able to internally dial their colleagues located somewhere else in Asia, at no cost. This results in improved call quality because of the reduction in the internet latency from localising voice traffic.

André Meyer, Cloud Solutions Director explained, “for example, a business located in Sydney Australia can now use our CloudPBX hosted and managed services in Sydney and their branch office in Singapore can also use our service and because both servers are interconnected, calls can be made to each other at no cost and the team can work together without the traditional costs associated with such geographic differences”.

Cloud Solutions has formed close working relationships with SIP trunk providers in most Asian countries enabling the sourcing of telephone numbers to also be provided. SIP trunking can be provided for Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. In addition trunks can be provided from North America, UK, Europe and South America based countries, all connected to a local CloudPBX server.

“We currently have customers located across Asia and we have proven our market differential is offering a regional focus for our Cloud PBX hosted and managed service rather than a single country focus which is where the rest of the market is today. Ask a provider in Sydney to organise a new trunk and telephone system in Bangkok or Shanghai in 4 days and they will simply scratch their head. This is where our market experience is paying off” Mr Meyer commented.

As demand continues to grow servers will be added to other locations including Shanghai and Auckland New Zealand.

Today our customers also enjoy mobile phone and laptop integration to ensure travelling employees can remain connected no matter where they are located.

Cloud Solutions CloudPBX services includes the sourcing and supply of SIP trunks along with IP phones. Softphones are also supported.

About Cloud Solutions:

Cloud Solutions is headquartered in Hong Kong and offers Cloud services to regional businesses including Google Apps for Work, Office 365, Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup, Zoho CRM, Cloud Accounting from Xero and Quickbooks Online and Inventory Management from Unleashed. CloudPBX hosted services is currently the fastest growing market.

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