Cloud Solutions Extends Asia Service by offering CloudPBX servers in Tokyo, Jakarta and Sydney

posted 14 May 2016, 20:45 by André Meyer

Cloud Solutions is extending their hosted VoIP CloudPBX server locations and SIP trunk sourcing services to include Tokyo Japan, Jakarta Indonesia and Sydney Australia in addition to their current locations of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Cloud Solutions has been offering a fully outsourced and managed Cloud hosted VoIP PBX service to Asia based businesses since 2012. CloudPBX is an Enterprise featured telephone PBX service delivered across the public Internet at a small monthly subscription.

Servers in each country have been interconnected via a secure backbone thus allowing local users to be connected to a server locally thus improving performance while still being able to internally dial their colleagues located somewhere else in Asia, at no cost. This results in improved call quality because of the reduction in the internet latency from localising voice traffic.

André Meyer, Cloud Solutions Director explained, “for example, a business located in Sydney Australia can now use our CloudPBX hosted and managed services in Sydney and their branch office in Singapore can also use our service and because both servers are interconnected, calls can be made to each other at no cost and the team can work together without the traditional costs associated with such geographic differences”.

Cloud Solutions has formed close working relationships with SIP trunk providers in most Asian countries enabling the sourcing of telephone numbers to also be provided. SIP trunking can be provided for Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. In addition trunks can be provided from North America, UK, Europe and South America based countries, all connected to a local CloudPBX server.

“We currently have customers located across Asia and we have proven our market differential is offering a regional focus for our Cloud PBX hosted and managed service rather than a single country focus which is where the rest of the market is today. Ask a provider in Sydney to organise a new trunk and telephone system in Bangkok or Shanghai in 4 days and they will simply scratch their head. This is where our market experience is paying off” Mr Meyer commented.

As demand continues to grow servers will be added to other locations including Shanghai and Auckland New Zealand.

Today our customers also enjoy mobile phone and laptop integration to ensure travelling employees can remain connected no matter where they are located.

Cloud Solutions CloudPBX services includes the sourcing and supply of SIP trunks along with IP phones. Softphones are also supported.

About Cloud Solutions:

Cloud Solutions is headquartered in Hong Kong and offers Cloud services to regional businesses including Google Apps for Work, Office 365, Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup, Zoho CRM, Cloud Accounting from Xero and Quickbooks Online and Inventory Management from Unleashed. CloudPBX hosted services is currently the fastest growing market.

For further information please contact Florence Chow at +852 39733848 or You can also visit and

Mobile VoIP Services Now Available in Asia

posted 31 Jan 2014, 02:32 by André Meyer   [ updated 31 Jan 2014, 02:33 ]

CloudPBX Releases Cloud Provisioning Service for Mobile Devices

1st Feb 2014 -- Hong Kong - Singapore -  Cloud Solutions releases an update to their popular hosted IP-PBX services, Cloud PBX. Mobile VoIP services is now available as an optional upgrade package to the Cloud PBX IP-PBX base service.

Cloud Solutions has implemented a carrier-grade platform specifically designed for deployment of SIP enabled softphones and mobile phone devices. CounterPath’s awarding winning Bria series of software is provisioned in the Cloud by a Cloud Solutions engineer. This will automatically apply the proper configuration to an end user’s softphone device, perform configuration updates over time and upgrade client softphone software. This removes all the technical issues relating to the deployment of mobile VoIP.

“There has been high demand for a mobile VoIP solution” said André Meyer, Director of Cloud Solutions. “Many of our customers are small to mid-sized businesses and they needed a solution to allow their team to be out of the office and continue to answer customer calls. In Asia it is very common for senior people to be traveling and a reliable mobile VoIP platform was key to the expansion of our business. Counterpath offered us the platform and software for all mobile devices.”

The Cloud PBX Extended Plan now offers a mobile VoIP solution for iPhones, iPad, Android, Tablet, BlackBerry, Windows and Mac platforms. All devices are supported by the Cloud PBX mobile VoIP provisioning service.

One of our first customers for the Cloud PBX mobile VoIP platform was UBU Travel. UBU Travel is a startup business offering Chinese translation services to the hospitality industry and Chinese freedom travellers. They have a team of agents based in China with services being offered to hotels and tourist related businesses who are dealing with an increasing number of Mainland Chinese tourists.

Our Cloud PBX service was deployed to host an Australia 1300 number enabling Australia hotels to call a local number. Using the Cloud PBX mobile VoIP platform, SIP client configurations were pushed out to 10 agents in various locations in Southern China without the need to visit or deliver any hardware to them.  The quality of the calls on the mobile VoIP platform has been excellent. The total solution was rolled out in less than 2 days and has been a success for VoIP technology.

The demand for VoIP hosted services continues to be strong from Singapore and Hong Kong. Businesses are starting to discover the benefits and freedom VoIP offers. Cloud Solutions will continue to provide carrier-grade platforms and services to meet the requirements and budgets of small to mid-sized businesses, along with financial services business running trading floors.

References Web Sites:

Cloud Solutions Tel: +852 3973-3848 +65 3158-2176

Recuitment Firm Goes Cloud

posted 6 Mar 2013, 00:22 by André Meyer   [ updated 6 Mar 2013, 16:59 ]

Hong Kong - 5th March 2013Cloud Solutions provides consultancy services and solutions for boutique recruitment firm with team members in London, Hong Kong and Manila. 

Not working in the same physical office, city or country could be an issue for most small businesses, but not so for JSC & Associates. Their team is located in UK, Hong Kong and Philippines. Cloud Solutions was approached to recommend the best way for the company to work as one even though they were miles apart. 

Cloud computing offered a compelling approach in solving the distance issue. A Cloud based platform was recommended that provided a Cloud hosted PBX, an Email and Calendaring suite and finally a Cloud file server to store and share documents internally and externally.

The Cloud PBX was hosted by Cloud Solutions and Yealink IP phones were provided to each team member. The phones simply plugged into the Internet via a normal networking cable and immediate access to the corporate PBX was established. The team in Manila could now speak with the team in London via their Cloud PBX as an internal call, and therefore no charge. Staff were amazed how clear VoIP calls were. Virtual numbers were also used and configured to the PBX for both UK and Hong Kong.

Google Apps was the email and calendaring environment. Outlook however is being used by a number of the team. Outlook and the team's iPhones were configured to communicate in real time with the Google Cloud.

Finally the Egnyte Cloud file server was configured to enable document sharing half way around the world.  Documents are available via a mapped drive, a synchronized folder or via their iPhone. 

At first glance it may seem impossible for a business to operate thousands of miles apart but Cloud Computing has enabled a professional team of recruiters to operate as one company. They share information and keep their communication costs to a minimum via the adoption of VoIP and have improved the ease at which their clients work with them.

IDDI Deploy Cloud IP-PBX in Asia

posted 7 Dec 2012, 22:35 by André Meyer   [ updated 7 Dec 2012, 22:40 ]

I.D.D.I. International Ltd Deploy Cloud Based IP-PBX to Integrate Voice between Hong Kong, China and India. 
Yealink VoIP Phones
Hong Kong - Dec 7th 2012.
 Cloud Solutions provides IDDI International Ltd with a Cloud Hosted Asterisk IP-PBX to manage all phone calls between their head office in Hong Kong and their offices in China and India. Various model VoIP phones from Yealink were deployed and configured to connect to the PBX hosted in the Cloud. SIP trunks were configured to provide access to cheap global calling rates as well as virtual numbers in key locations worldwide. 

The call quality is excellent and the company directors have installed SIP clients on their mobile smart phones so they can remain connected to their office when they are out. All calls can still be made via the company PBX so cheap rates can be enjoyed. 

Calls between Hong Kong and the China or India office are now free as these offices are simply extensions on the main office PBX. All offices also have access to cheap global calling compared to what is available from local suppliers. 

Incoming Skype calls will be configured so they can be connected direct to the phones of the required recipient. 

IDDI International is an excellent example of a small business that has embraced the Cloud for Email, CRM, and file storage. The final step with the phone system has delivered cost savings, improved voice quality and flexibility to their business.

Cloud Hosted IP-PBX Now Available from Cloud Solutions

posted 23 Nov 2012, 08:03 by André Meyer   [ updated 23 Nov 2012, 08:05 ]

Asterisk Hosted Cloud IP PBXHong Kong - 21st Nov 2012 Cloud Solutions Offers Asterisk FreePBX Hosted and Managed IP-PBX in the Cloud for Companies Based in Asia. 

Cloud PBXCloud Solutions has released their fully managed Cloud IP-PBX based on Asterisk FreePBX. The PBX is hosted in a world class data centre in Asia thus providing excellent performance with zero latency. SIP trunks from various providers are integrated depending on the requirements of our customers. This provides for local numbers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen and a number of other key cities in Asia. 

Cloud PBX comes with a number of features including FREE Mobile support.
  • Voicemail for every user
  • Unlimited Extension-to-Extension Dialing
  • Personalised call experience (prompts, call routing, and more) with built-in IVR and Auto-Attendant capabilities.
  • Conference calling & individual conference bridges
  • Mobile device support
  • Built-in call queues & detailed queue reporting
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Personal call rules for every user
  • Presence & Collaboration
  • Voicemail-to-email notifications
  • Additional language support (Globalisation)
  • Detailed reporting
Packages Include the following bundles:

No. of Users (Extensions+Trunks)1 to 101 to 251 to 501 to 100

Leading phones from Polycom, SNOM and Yealink can be supplied within the monthly bundled price.

Polycom Phones

Snom IP Phones

Yealink IP Phones

Our customers have found the features and performance of the Cloud-PBX to be excellent. Our Siliver Plan for 10 extensions and phones, including 4-lines starts at HK$3500 per month.

Contact Cloud Solutions at for further information. Call Hong Kong +852 39733848 or Singapore +65 3158-2176. 

Racingtheplanet Reaches for the Cloud

posted 14 Sept 2012, 06:14 by André Meyer   [ updated 9 Jun 2013, 20:18 ]

Cloud Solutions Provide Email Archiving and Cloud File Server for Leading On-line Retailer and Event Organiser

Racingtheplanet approached Cloud Solutions to implement Google's Message Security Services or Postini Archiving and eDiscovery Services. This was installed and configured by Cloud Solutions engineers. 

The second requirement was for a secure local storage device that could be backed up to the Cloud. The NETGear ReadyNAS Pro 4 was supplied along with Egnyte Local Office server installed on the ReadyNAS device. Users in the office simply map a drive to the local device to file their documents and the ReadyNAS synchronises all files with the Cloud. The users based in the UK can login via a mapped drive to the Cloud to access and share files the same as if they were in the same physical office.

The integration between the ReadyNAS Pro 4 and Egnyte works very well with users of the NAS being mapped to the Cloud to ensure the security set in Egnyte is reflected on the NAS drive. 

The performance is also excellent and the XRAID2 technology allows additional disks to be installed in the 4-bay NAS whenever additional storage is required in the near future. 

Infonation Enbrace Cloud Computing

posted 14 Sept 2012, 05:52 by André Meyer   [ updated 14 Sept 2012, 05:57 ]

Hong Kong - Cloud Solutions implement key cloud technology for leading marketing company in Hong Kong. 
Infonation operate a leading Hong Kong marketing business that offers event management and includes their key media products such as the Loft Magazine and Millionaire Asia. 

The director's approached Cloud Solutions to provide solutions for their CRM and file storage. Infonation were already a Google Apps user however Cloud Solutions migrated their email to a new domain and consolidated their various domains under a single Google console. The majority of staff are MAC users with only two Windows PCs in their office. The Cloud is well suited to this mixed environment with all application integrating well with both Windows and MAC. 

In addition Zoho CRM was implemented and integrated to Google Apps and finally the Egnyte Hybrid File Server was installed. Thus providing better management of their corporate files as well as providing access to all company data via iphones and ipads outside the office.

Infonation now have a very stable and secure system, thanks to cloud computing!

Silkroad Property Partners Leverage Cloud Computing

posted 14 Sept 2012, 05:26 by André Meyer   [ updated 14 Sept 2012, 05:37 ]

Hong Kong - Cloud Solutions provides total cloud computing solutions to enable Silkroad Property Partners to build cost effect IT infrastructure.
New business start up, Silkroad Property Partners, approached Cloud Solutions to recommend cloud based technology for email, file and document filing and sharing, video conferencing, customer database and telephones. Their team is located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sweden. Cloud computing was not only the right technical approach for the company but it also required minimum investment to get started.

Cloud Solutions recommended the Google Apps platform. This provided email and calendaring along with on-line chat and group video conferencing with Google+ and Hang Outs. Document filing and sharing was provided by the Egnyte Hybrid File Server. A Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 4 was installed in their Hong Kong office and this synchronised files to the Cloud and then made available to users in Singapore and Sweden and for Hong Kong staff when they were not in the office. Cloud Solutions also provided the SIP lines and VoIP phones, providing portable Hong Kong telephone numbers. The CRM system adopted was Zoho CRM with integration into the Google Cloud platform.

Silkroad Property are delighted with the solution. "It is solid as a rock and works like clockwork!" The investment to date represents real value for the functionality delivered.

Products Include:
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Google+ Hang Out
  • Egnyte Hybrid File Server
  • NETGear ReadyNAS
  • Zoho CRM
  • Polycom IP550 SIP Phones

NETGear Hong Kong Reseller for Local Cloud

posted 29 Jul 2012, 05:53 by André Meyer   [ updated 29 Jul 2012, 05:55 ]

Hong Kong: Cloud Solutions has added NETGear's ReadyNAS device to their portfolio to provide local cloud synchronisation with the Egnyte Hybrid Cloud File Sever. For companies that need fast local storage and Cloud access require NetGear's NAS drive. The ReadyNAS Pro series comes with firmware on the device to allow folders to be synchronised with the Cloud. If a company had a NETGear device at several locations, files could be backed up onto the Egnyte Cloud and kept in sync between office.

NETGear offer a range of NAS devices that provide excellent performance and value for money.  An Egnyte Cloud File Server account needs to be opened to provide for the integration. 

Contact Cloud Solutions for more information. +852 3973 3848.

Supported devices:
  • ReadyNAS® Pro 2
  • ReadyNAS® Pro 4
  • ReadyNAS® Pro 6
  • ReadyNAS® 3200
  • ReadyNAS® 4200
  • ReadyNAS® 1500
  • ReadyNAS® 2100
  • ReadyNAS® 3100

Mailstore Provides for Email Archiving from Difference Sources

posted 29 Jul 2012, 05:19 by André Meyer   [ updated 29 Jul 2012, 05:30 ]

Cloud Solutions has become an authorised reseller of Mailstore, an email archiving solution for various email systems or difference sources include Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange. Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook. For those users with a POP or IMAP server Mailstore is able to centralise and manage a single archive. 

Andre Meyer, Managing Director of Cloud Solutions said, "we are happy to offer Mailstore in Hong Kong as we still have a demand to manage emails locally even when your server can be cloud hosted. We see companies migrating to Google Apps from Exchange but do not wish to migrate all their email to the Cloud however wish to retain it. Many small companies also wish to backup their PST files and centrally manage their POP Outlook emails. Mailstore provides an excellent and cost effective solutions for a wide range of email archiving options".

With Cloud based Email systems providing a huge amount of storage, some users still use up their space so MailStore is an easy to use option when email must be retained with no restriction on space. When bundled with our Cloud virtual file server mailstore is very attractive.

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